We're here to support you on your journey to becoming you.

Whether it's in discovery of your truth, God-given purpose, personal growth, or aspirations to become a leader or coach - you're in the right place.

Live Into Your Calling is a fun, inspirational faith-based membership community designed to support your journey to becoming you. Who God has always seen you as, and planned for you to be. We offer a faith-based community unlike no other with curriculum to support discovery of your truth, fulfillment of your God-given purpose and calling, coaching support and training, and faith-inspired tools, methods, and videos so you can thrive in daily life regardless of where you are at in your journey. Beginning to end, we've got you covered.
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We're here to support you on your journey to becoming you.

How we support you in your journey...

Brenda Nona, Network Marketing Professional

I'm becoming myself more each day

Brenda Nona, Network Marketing Professional

The support of the Live Into Your Calling online course and this community, along with Kendra's private coaching, gave me what I have been looking for and couldn't find elsewhere - strong alignment between God, my life, and my work and support in the process. This has expanded my life, my relationships, and as a my business has grown. Kendra's warm and inspiring approach and her Faith First Living approach and tools have amplified my life so I can live out my calling from God and serve my highest purpose without overwhelm, stress, or guilt (anymore). I absolutely recommend Kendra as a coach and the Live Into Your Calling Membership Community and online course to anyone considering it!
Angela Probst, Professional Photographer

Many coaches with no results...until now

Angela Probst, Professional Photographer

I have worked with several coaches over my 30 years in business and no one has been able to help me breakthrough my confidence until I met Kendra. She helped uncover deep seeded negative thought patterns that I didn't even realize existed. Her programs and the tools and insight has been transformation for my life, my relationships, and my business as a result. I absolutely recommend her membership community and private coaching to anyone seeking true transformation, positive change, and freedom from their past.
Erin Shurtz Elton, CEO of Mommi

Overwhelm and mom guilt are under controm

Erin Shurtz Elton, CEO of Mommi

As a mompreneur of a thriving company I was struggling with overwhelm and mom guilt. The support of Kendra, her Live Into Your Calling membership community and online course has helped me take control of my life. I see things differently now through support of His Word, and respond differently when it overwhelm and mom guilt show up. The faith-inspired tools and insights she shares are awesome. I highly recommend her to anyone who is of faith and looking to get some powerful coaching, faith-based insights, and results.

Because Faith & Personal Growth Belong Together.

The only faith-based membership community with education, coaching, and Bible Study.

  • Faith-based Content

    We pride ourselves in giving you best in class content to spark your growth. Everything from personal development, leadership skills, and book reviews are shared through the lens of the Bible so you can apply it to your daily life right now. This is offered to you in various formats so you can choose what best supports you on your journey. Online courses, social media communities, blogs, videos, trainings, podcasts, live calls with Kendra Dahlstrom, Faith-based Success Coach, and other experts from time to time including a Pastor.

  • Coaching and Training

    We offer a one-of-a-kind experience through our Coaching and Training. A unique infusion of Biblical truths and wisdom, personal development, and neuroscience, create the perfect triad to support you on your journey. Whether your intention is to begin self-discovery, transform into a more confident version of yourself, become a stronger leader, or explore and advance your Success Coaching skills, you will receive plenty of tools, methods, skills, and support here with us. We designed this platform especially to provide value-packed content at an affordable price.

  • Community

    You will be part of a strong community of other faith-based leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs. You will be encouraged to apply the skills and tools you learn in daily life and our community is the best place to share your learnings, experiences, and to ask for additional support. You will learn with and from each other as well as your Success Coach mentor and trainer, Kendra Dahlstrom.


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  • Kendra Dahlstrom

    Faith-based Success Coach

    Kendra Dahlstrom

    Kendra decided to start her own faith-based Success Coaching practice so she could slowly transition from the corporate world to live a life that she loves - sharing her passion for Jesus Christ with others by serving them to discover who they are and to fulfill their Calling. She advocates, practices, lives and shares a Faith First Living approach, which is the cornerstone of her curriculum, masterminds, and private coaching programs. She has over ten years of leadership development experience and five years of leading workshops, seminars, and online trainings to thousands. In her courses, Kendra's Faith First Living approach uses life coaching techniques through the lens of the Bible to help her clients grow closer to God through developing a new found partnership with Him. In doing so, they are able to fully "live into" their Calling the way He envisions (Ephesians 4:1).