It's time to answer your Calling.

Your Tired. Your Overwhelmed. Your Unfulfilled.

This one of a kind Life and Business Bible Study style course teaches you how to adopt a Faith First Living approach so you are able to fully discover and fulfill your God-given purpose, and build a profitable business and legacy while you grow closer stronger in your faith and closer to God and Jesus Christ. (Hebrews 11:6)
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It's time to answer your Calling.

Lasting Transformation with Faith First Living and Tools

Brenda Nona, Network Marketing Professional

Faith First Living Has Transformed Me

Brenda Nona, Network Marketing Professional

This course gave me what I have been looking for and couldn't find elsewhere - strong alignment between God, my life, and my work so I can expand my life, my relationships, and as a result grow my business using His Word as a beacon. Kendra's warm and inspiring approach and her Faith First Living approach and tools have amplified my life so I can live out my calling from God and serve my highest purpose without overwhelm, stress, or guilt (anymore). I absolutely recommend Kendra as a coach and the Live Into Your Calling Online Bible Study course to anyone considering it!
Angela Probst, Professional Photographer

Many Coaches, No Results...Until Now

Angela Probst, Professional Photographer

I have worked with several coaches over my 30 years in business and no one has been able to help me breakthrough my confidence until I met Kendra. She helped uncover deep seeded negative thought patterns that I didn't even realize existed. Her programs and the tools and insight has been transformation for my life, my relationships, and my business as a result.
Erin Shurtz Elton, CEO of Mommi

I Can Now Experience Balance in my Life

Erin Shurtz Elton, CEO of Mommi

As a Mompreneur of a thriving company I was struggling with overwhelm. The support of Kendra and the Live Into Your Calling Online Bible Study course has helped me take control of my life, through support of His Word, and respond differently when it does show up. The faith-inspired tools and insights she shares are awesome.
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Why You Need To Answer His Calling of You + My Story

Faith First Living

The Only Life & Business Bible Study Course

  • Connecting Faith & Business

    Faith First Living is my slogan. We are the only Life and Business Bible Study style course providing step by step instruction on how to get clarity on your truth, and discover, "live into" His plans for you, and transform your Calling into a profitable business and legacy. This is done with on-demand learning, a private community, and videos on social media as well as Q&As. If you choose to commit to the exclusive VIP Mastermind, you will receive small group and private coaching as well as extended support for six-months.

  • Dedicating Time with Him

    The curriculum and live coaching focuses on all of His messages to you through scripture, people, and life occurrences. This Faith First approach allows you to release the burden of overwhelm, worry, doubt and control to Him. But it only works if you master the art of listening to Him. Listening is a cornerstone skill for this course so we will discuss how to spend more time listening to God so you can stay infinitely connected with Him throughout the day, and through your decision making.

  • Studying the Right Material

    Like most courses you won't be short on material to learn from - videos, downloadable PDFs, exercises and practices, tools and more. The difference with our course is the material is all faith-based and inspired, and is carefully curated for you based on the common pain points and challenges you face. The scripture from the Bible and other readings support the integration of faith, life and business. The culmination of my Faith First Living approach.

About this course: A one of a kind Life and Business Bible Study experience.

"Show Him your faith by your works." (James 2:18)

Your Instructor

  • Kendra Dahlstrom

    Kendra Dahlstrom

    Kendra decided to start her own faith-based Coaching business so she could slowly transition from the corporate world to live a life that she loves - sharing her passion for Jesus Christ with others by serving them to discover and fulfill their Calling. She advocates, practices, lives and shares a Faith First Living approach, which is the cornerstone of her curriculum, masterminds, and private coaching programs. She has over ten years of leadership development experience and five years of leading workshops, seminars, and online trainings to thousands. In her courses, Kendra's Faith First Living approach uses life coaching techniques through the lens of the Bible to help her clients grow closer to God through developing a new found partnership with Him. In doing so, they are able to fully "live into" their Calling the way He envisions (Ephesians 4:1).